executive department

a federal department in the executive branch of the government of the United States
White House, ↑EXEC, ↑Department of Agriculture, ↑Agriculture Department, ↑Agriculture, ↑USDA, ↑Department of Commerce, ↑Commerce Department, ↑Commerce, ↑DoC, ↑Department of Defense, ↑Defense Department, ↑United States Department of Defense, ↑Defense, ↑DoD, ↑Department of Education, ↑Education Department, ↑Education, ↑Department of Energy, ↑Energy Department, ↑Energy, ↑DOE, ↑Department of Health and Human Services, ↑Health and Human Services, ↑HHS, ↑Department of Homeland Security, ↑Homeland Security, ↑Department of Housing and Urban Development, ↑Housing and Urban Development, ↑HUD, ↑Department of Justice, ↑Justice Department, ↑Justice, ↑DoJ, ↑Department of Labor, ↑Labor Department, ↑Labor, ↑DoL, ↑Department of State, ↑United States Department of State, ↑State Department, ↑State, ↑DoS, ↑Department of the Interior, ↑Interior Department, ↑Interior, ↑DoI, ↑Department of the Treasury, ↑Treasury Department, ↑Treasury, ↑United States Treasury, ↑Department of Transportation, ↑Transportation, ↑DoT, ↑Department of Veterans Affairs, ↑VA, ↑Department of Commerce and Labor, ↑Department of Health Education and Welfare, ↑Navy Department, ↑War Department

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